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Firstly, Gil Brody Jones has had the pleasure of making an appearance in numerous media articles over the years. Gil believes that the production of content such as this is important to the dissemination of information throughout society. He welcomes contact from any future publications to appear in any articles or interviews. In his Inspirery and interviews, Gil spoke about numerous topics including: spirituality, education, sports, and music.

Gil Brody Jones
Gil Brody Jones

Gil is a very spiritual individual, so much so that he spent four years earning a Master’s of Divinity in Arizona. Subsequently, an intense spiritual experience that he had while he was in college drove him down this path of spirituality. Previous to receiving his Master’s in Divinity, he attended Bradley University where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business focused around Marketing and Accounting. Also, Gil excelled as well when it came to sports and music. He finished high school as a tennis player ranking in the top 10 players in the state of Arizona. Coincidentally, he was also a top saxophonist in the state. However, after high school his focus shifted away from his athletic and musical endeavors, to his education and spirituality. Currently, Gil and his fiancĂ©, Beth, are located in Hawaii where they have plans to digitize spirituality.

Gil Jones: His Life, Truth & Consequences – INTERVIEW

Gil Jones spent most of his life as a pastor in Colorado and is now living in Maui, Hawaii. He’s using his life and business experience to lead people into a more spiritual way of life. Born in Denver, Colorado, Gil spent much of his youth moving frequently while his father worked selling heavy equipment in the construction industry.

Gil Jones Analyzes How Technology Affects Sports | TechBullion

Sports worldwide is a $600 billion industry. Football and Basketball are the top two sports entertainment vehicles in the United States. The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in February and the Toronto Raptors just claimed the latest NBA title. All you have to do is tune into those media outlets to get the …

Gil Jones | Inspirery

Spiritually encouraging as many people as possible is the goal for Denver born Gil Jones. He helped to build two of the largest churches in Colorado’s history before changing his career path for a short time. He is now back in the world of teaching spiritual consciousness but taking a slightly different approach available to everyone via online speaking, writing, seminars, retreats, and YouTube.

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