Gil Jones is a man of many trades. Businessman, spiritual leader, athlete, musician, and currently a writer. As such, Gil enjoys writing immensely. Meanwhile, he has began doing some creative writing on the side when he is not hard at work. Above all, he enjoys writing on subjects that he is passionate about including: sports, music, and spirituality. He finds that this creative outlet is a great way to keep a level head and relieve stress while creating work that can benefit others. In the future, Gil plans to continue to produce his current spirituality focused writings for work.

Gil Jones
Gil Jones

On the side, he will continue to write about his side hobbies and other passions. He will be posting his blogs on the platform Medium. Medium is a diverse and proven platform where bloggers from all over the world can share ideas, knowledge and blog about a variety of topics. From politics, to lifestyle choices, religion, to dieting, anything and everything can be discussed on Medium.

Gil Jones: The Top 5 Factors to Becoming a Great Leader – Medium

Leadership is a gift you’re born with and a talent you can develop. Being a great leader isn’t easy, but no matter where you start you can sharpen the skill. Like Peter Drucker used to say, “Managing is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.”

Gil Jones: The Top 5 Tips to Becoming a Better Writer – Medium

Author Jodi Picoult stated famously once, “You can always edit a bad page. But you can’t edit a blank page.” In today’s world, that maxim could easily apply to the first draft of an email, a social media post, or a letter to a friend. We all know good writing when we see it.

Gil Jones: How Technology Has Affected Sports – Gil Jones – Medium

When you think about sports – like the recent NBA Finals that the Toronto Raptors won in 6 games – you think about athletes training, competing hard, and even having fun while they’re doing it. But if you think about it, there’s a lot technology in the world of sports – some in the foreground, and some in the background.

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